March 19, 2010

Proton Persona Estate

This car is never been exist in real life. What you are going to see is a 'mixture of chemicals reaction'. From a piece of spline, drawn on the white background in Adobe Illustrator, transferred into three dimensional workstation and finally, voila...

Introducing the Persona Estate.

If you see carefully, you will see this  Persona has a big adaptation from Honda cars. You can see a mixture of Honda CRV, Stream and City model being 'paste carefully' onto the model. Shoulder line has been adjust to be wider as BMW.

The model actually is not finished yet. I purposely not to show you the front end of this car. It's very awful. hehe.

I have made Brembo Caliper for this wagon. Look carefully.

Rendered in Mental Ray,
Pro Material
in 3DS Max 2009.

More photo of Persona Estate coming up next.


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  2. macam bmw 1 series tu bro dari belakang..cun..letak la warna bro..amik warna ala2 Bronze Garnet..sure menyerlah nya..