June 19, 2010

Honda City 2011; My Impression.

Salam. Hi guys. I am back with the brand new artwork of mine. How do I start this column? Ok, I called this as a B-segment car with C-segment characteristics. Initiated from Hyrax Sketches (refer) http://hyraxsketch.blogspot.com/2010/04/proton-concept-design-idea.html and with some modification, I derived it in different way and try to find my own identity. Btw, thanks to Firdaus Hyrax.

This model actually was derived from multiple car design. There are Proton Emas, Audi TT 2008, Honda Civic FD2 and Hyrax Concept Design. But for this model, I named it as Honda City 2011. Because, I saw Honda City in certain of view. Huhu.

Lets take a look on the model.

The Type R version equipped with Audi R8 Spider sport rim and Mitsubishi Evo X rear spoiler.
Material testing trial render.
Rally Ypres Belgium 2010 Edition. Using Skoda Motorsport body sticker.

Okay, see you again.