July 28, 2010

FridzMax: Some 3d Models of mine

Salam. Just to show how its going on during my modeling session. I am using Autodesk 3ds Max 2009. Let's see some photo.

This is my own design. A c-segment sedan derived from Mazda 6. Borrowing Renault Dezir's wheel arc.

A sport hatch based on VW Scirocco. Also my own creation. The model development was discontinued due to undisclosed factor. Hahahaha

The most hanging project, that is Lotus Evora 20% complete.

Lotus Evora during modeling.

Proton EMAS (Eco Mobility Advanced Solution) during development stage.

Playing with interior lighting setup using Mental Ray renderer. that shower screen, toilet bowl and wash basin were 100% imported from artist-3d.com. The only thing I made is the WAL. Hahaha

July 26, 2010

Proton Exora MPV Facelift 2010

Salam. It's been a long time I doesn't have any 3d model to publish. Ok, this time I may show you the Malaysian made MPV. That is Proton Exora with some minor facelift, (copying grill design from somewhere else). I think the grill design is taken from our Proton Wira Special Edition. I am using Audi A1 sport rims for this model. Lets take a look on the model.
Ordinary Proton Exora

The facelift model equipped with front and side fancy skirting.
Proton Exora R3 Lotus Racing Edition.
Equipped with Lotus Green-Yellow theme and Satria Neo Sport Rims..

That's for today. Thanks..

(In Bahasa Malaysia)
Permintaan Bro Animous untuk memperlihatkan Exora diatas dalam 'Edge Face Mode'..Mari kita lihat bersama. (saya bukan pro, biasa2 je)

Ok, gambar-gambar diatas semuanya dihasilkan menggunakan perisian Autodesk 3DS Max. Saya masih lagi menggunakan versi 2009. Tiada Photoshop sama sekali untuk penghasilan gambar diatas. Photoshop dan Illustrator masih lagi digunakan untuk menghasilkan tema Hijau Kuning Lotus Racing (Photoshop) dan blueprint model Exora (illustrator).

Contoh bahagian pintu, front fender, bumper dan tingkap yg tidak di-turbosmooth.

Dah turbosmooth..Nanti saya tunjukkan bagaimana sesuatu edge dpt ditampilkan walaupun kita apply turbosmooth..ok. Tkasih.