April 16, 2010

Proton EMAS in Mental Ray

Salam..Hey guys, I just want to share some photo of my rendering today. Lets take a look on my latest artwork done using 3ds Max 2009. The first ever Proton Concept Model, the Eco Mobility Advance Solution (EMAS).

I am still using the Mental Ray renderer on this model. But with a little tweak, I just get what I want. Here are some parameter that's been utilized to get the above photo:

Body color and material:
1) The chrome parts, Matte Finished = Arch and Design (mi)
2) The body color = Car Paint Material (mi) with self design blue chessboard mapping
3) Lower Grill Cover = default color with opacity and bump mapping

Lighting Setup
1) I only use skylight and Scene Environment is turn on (shown in picture below)

2) 1 Target Direct Light with specific angle with Ray Traced Shadows and 0.676 Intensity.
3) and 1 MR Area Omni Light with Ray Traced shadows and 0.4 Intensity
Lets take a look on the light coordination. (picture below)

Render Setup
1) On the Mental Ray Render Setup tab, I use Lanczos and min=1 and max=16 Samples per pixel
(Picture shown below)

2) I turn on the Final Gather to Medium preset
3) I also use blank white mapping in the Environment Map
And there is other picture that I want to show off. Thanks

April 6, 2010

My First Try on HDRI

Lets take a look on the application of HDRI image on my Persona Estate. I am still trying to increase the background resolution. But i think it may work if I tweak it using Photoshop.

Still running in Mental Ray. It is nothing wrong about this Persona Estate except it has no door handle. Hahahaha.