March 10, 2010

Daihatsu Boon in Mental Ray Renderer

Trying hard to get this result. I was using Mental Ray for this latest 3d work. Not as same as Vray, this mental ray needs complicated setup.
For this, I set the single 'Directional Target' with certain angle with:

0.54 multiplier,
Shadows ON with ray traced shadows,

5 pieces of Omni lights with:
0.11 multiplier,
Shadows switch ON to ray traced,

Skylight was placed with default settings.

And finally I turn on the Final Gather to Medium with 250 rays per FG. I didn't turn on the GI and the rendering time is much faster.

I am very happy if you guys can teach me Mental Ray Studio rendering or kindly patch some tutorials weblink on your comments. Thanks a lot

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