January 16, 2010

Persona GT in Vray 1.5 SP2 Renderer

Salam..I just get play around with Vray in my 3DS Max 2009. Instead of Mental Ray renderer, I try for the first time to render my Persona GT with Vray 1.5 SP2. So, I think, not bad for a beginner like me to get those picture. Haha.

Owh, look at the C-pillar of this Persona. That should be a beautiful curve, not that very awful sharp edge. Poor modeling skill of mine.

Next picture was rendered by me to discover a 'bump' effect on the material. This also rendered using Vray. The bump is coupled with nappa leather mapping and a red + dark red 'fall of' diffuse color. Sorry, poor lighting setup for this picture.

And Bye


  1. Hi Fridz,

    Could you share with me the persona 3d model? here my email address mdkmn@yahoo.com

  2. Do you want the 3ds.max file format?