October 31, 2009

Nov 2009 Impression.

Salam..This is my latest 3d model using 3ds Max 2009 which is 50% of the design was developed by myself. I was benchmarking the Peugeot 308gt during the 3d development. Blend Mazda 3's and Renault Clio's design cue and added with Japanese Hybrid spirit. A lot of copy-paste ideas. Hehe

Meanwhile, as the model is about to finish, I am wondering what segment is suitable to match this model. Hahahaha. I patch the Proton's tiger emblem as my own identity..

The 3d model is made up from editable poly, extrude and turbosmooth with 3 iteration. Rendered with simple Mental-ray with basic skylight setup.

I will update the complete rendered artwork after this. Just take a look on the thumbnail below; the 3d development (Using 3ds Max). Thanks

You could see the Peugeot 308gt blueprints setting in the layout. That was a benchmarking process before the model was derived to a different cue and line setup.

Raytraced material is applied to the model. With some reflection added and skylight lighting setting..Somebody teach me how to render better.pls.

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